2020-02-17 07:38:57

Shafaq News / The General Company for Iraqi Railways announced the resumption of the movement of its trains to transport passengers from Baghdad to Basra and vice versa, through the southern governorates (Nasiriyah, Samwah Al-Diwaniyah, Al-Hilla), as of Monday, February 20 2020, after a suspension of 4 months.

The company clarified in a statement mentioned by the Ministry of Transport, all efforts were doubled to prepare and operate modern air-conditioned trains (DMU) in preparation for the smooth flow of transport daily to serve the esteemed and arriving travelers through the main stations in Baghdad-Basra and the general provinces in addition to the role of the central control to monitor the movement of trains through the advanced tracking system GPS.

It is noteworthy that the trains will work from Baghdad to Basra and vice versa daily.