2019-08-18 11:40:39

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Ministry of Oil has announced high rates of refineries production of gasoline fuel, gas oil and other oil products compared to the rates of production last year.

The Undersecretary of the refinement affairs , Hamid Younis said in a statement received by Shafaq News that gasoline production has witnessed a daily increase of more than three million liters per day of this material that was added to production of last year, bringing the daily rate to (14) million (293) thousand Liters per day, after the production last year amounted to about (11) million and (485) thousand liters per day.

He added that the production of gas oil fuel (kerosene) has also witnessed a remarkable increase by nearly (4 million liters per day) compared to the production rates last year, bringing to (11) million and (228) thousand liters per day, after the rate of production last year was approaching to (7) million and (836) thousand liters per day.

“This increase came as a result of the ministry's plans to raise the production capacity of Iraqi refineries through the addition of new production units in the south and central refineries, as well as the reconstruction and rehabilitation of a number of refineries that have been sabotaged and destroyed in our northern provinces by terrorist gangs, including al-Sumoud refinery in Baiji,” He added.

For his part, the ministry’s spokesman , Assem Jihad said that this increase contributes to cover a large part of the local need for citizens and the electricity sector as well as reduce the import rates of petroleum products from fuel (gasoline) and (gas oil), which provides hard currency for the federal treasury.

He added that the refinery sector is currently witnessing a gradual and steady growth after years of security and economic challenges that have directly affected the ministry's plans, noting that the ministry succeeded in exporting surplus liquid gas and condensate to international markets after meeting the local need of them.