2019-11-06 12:39:03

Shafaq News/ The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Oil Minister affirmed the ministry's keenness on the flow of oil products to power plants and private generators in order to ensure the stability of the electricity supplied to citizens.

The Minister of Oil , Thamer Abbas Al-Ghadhban said that the ministry's departments and companies are working in coordination with the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Electricity to cover their fuel needs for the power plants.

Al-Ghadhban added that he instructed the crisis cell to follow up the movement of petroleum products from refineries and ports to warehouses and stations to the beneficiaries and citizens, stressing to secure a large stock of petroleum products (gasoline, kerosene, white oil, liquid gas cylinders) to cover the local need for Baghdad city and the provinces.

For his part, Undersecretary for the liquidation affairs ,Hamid Younis confirmed on the stability of the production of Iraqi refineries in the south, center and north, which provides a large part of the local need and that the ministry is working to increase production.

While assistant director general of the Petroleum Products Distribution Company ,Hussein Taleb confirmed on operating all filling stations in the provinces, there is no need to close them in some provinces, appealing to citizens not to be dragged behind the rumors that some suspicious parties are trying to promote to confuse the general situation, denying the existence of a crisis of oil products in Dhi Qar province.

The Director General of the Energy Police, Major-General Qassem, insured the necessary protection for oil installations, warehouses and filling stations, as well as the movement of tanks throughout Iraq, calling on citizens in cooperation with security agencies to secure the supply of petroleum products to power plants and fuel filling stations for the public good.