2019-10-08 09:26:33

Shafaq News/ The Ministry of Defense has called on all those with avoided    contracts in the Iraqi army from June 10, 2014 and more to begin immediately to join their units.

According to a ministry statement, "in case that their former units weren’t available because of being under structure, the new units are enrolled according to the table below, but for the rest of the types of weapons will be enrolled to (Air - Navy - Army Aviation - Air Defense headquarters).

Structured Leadership New Leadership Place

  1. Second Infantry Division, 16th Infantry Division, Nineveh Governorate.
  2. Third Infantry Division, 15th Infantry Division, Nineveh Governorate.
  3. Fourth Infantry Division, 20th Infantry Division, Nineveh Governorate.
  4. 12th Infantry Division 14th Infantry Division Makhmour district.
  5. 18th Infantry Division First Infantry Division Anbar province.