2020-05-23 11:04:00

Shafaq News / Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi parliament, Bashir Haddad, revealed on Saturday that Kurdistan Democratic Party of Kurdistan (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) have decided their candidates for the posts of Foreign Minister and Minister of Justice in the Federal Government.

"The Kurdish political forces have decided their candidates for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Justice," revealing that the Foreign Ministry's candidate is (Fouad Hussein), and PUK also submitted its candidate for Justice Ministry to Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi , Haddad told Shafaq News Agency.


The leader in KDP added, "We are now waiting for the remaining ministries to be decided by the Iraqi political parties."

The Iraqi parliament (May 6) voted to grant confidence to Al-Kadhimi and 15 ministers in the cabinet.

5 candidates did not win the confidence of Parliament, they are the candidate of the Ministry of Trade, Nawar Nassif Jassem, Agriculture, Ismail Abdel-Redha, Culture ,Hisham Saleh Dawood, Immigration and Displaced ,Thana Hikmat Nasser, and Justice Abdul Rahman Mustafa as Minister of Justice.

The Parliament postponed voting on the candidates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Oil until another notice in the absence of agreement on the nomination of candidates.