2019-11-07 08:59:05

Shafaq News/ France condemned the "serious violence" in Iraq and called on the Iraqi authorities to launch a "peaceful and democratic dialogue" in the country.

The French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Agnes von der Muhll said that " Paris condemns the serious violence that took place in Iraq in recent days," reminding "the right of Iraqis to demonstrate peacefully."

"France also expresses its concern about intimidation and threats faced by journalists in Iraq."

"After years of war, building a just and comprehensive democracy requires the opening of a peaceful and democratic dialogue," she said, stressing that France encourages the Iraqi authorities to "conduct this dialogue and implement the reforms announced to respond to the legitimate aspirations of the citizens."

Iraq is witnessing protests that began in 1st of last October interspersed with bloody violence that killed about 280 people, according to "AFP."

Earlier, Iraqi Prime Minister ,Adel Abdul Mahdi recognized the legitimacy and peaceful demonstrations in the country, denying the use of security forces for live bullets to disperse the protesters.

The Iraqi government has proposed social reforms and constitutional amendments, but demonstrators continue to demand the departure of all officials they consider corrupt and unqualified, and rebuild the political system established after the fall of Saddam Hussein.