2020-03-26 12:23:35

Shafaq News / The handover ceremony of Qayyarah Air Force Base from the Joint Task Force - Operation Solid Torque took place today March 26, 2020.

"Today is another milestone for the international military alliance against ISIS and our partners in the Iraqi security forces," said Brigadier Vincent Parker, director of sustainability affairs for the Joint Task Force - Operation Solid Determination. "as al-Qayyarah Air Force Base was a strategic launching point for the Iraqi Security Forces and Coalition Forces during the battle for Mosul. The base in particular, is serving as the center of the Iraqi Air Force who continues to carry out devastating strikes on ISIS positions. The transportation operation was coordinated today with the Government of Iraq. What is happening today is thanks to the efforts and successes of our partners in the Iraqi security forces. "

" Thanks to these successes of the Iraqi security forces in their fight against ISIS and in cooperation with our partner forces and the government of Iraq, the Joint Task Force - Operation Solid Torque Redeployment and transfer of personnel and equipment to several Iraqi bases throughout 2020. The Iraqi security forces continue to implement independent operations increasingly against ISIS in order to defend their homeland - including the " Iraq Heroes Operation " as well as the "Will to Victory" operation in all its phases, which were implemented in 2019. The Joint Task Force - Operation Solid Resistance in Iraq will remain at the invitation of the Government of Iraq and will continue to provide advice and training against ISIS. The coalition will operate from fewer locations but will continue to commit to supporting our partners in their fight against ISIS.

"The coalition forces will leave Qayyarah airbase after completing the transportation of equipment to the Iraqi security forces in the coming days," he said.

A senior military official of the US-led coalition fighting ISIS has reported a suspension on training Iraqi forces due to concerns about Corona virus.

The move coincides with an announced reduction of coalition forces in Iraq as Iranian-backed groups step up rocket attacks on bases hosting foreign forces. Where two American soldiers and a British soldier were killed in an accident this month.

Coalition officials say that reducing the number of troops and redistributing units to a smaller number of Iraqi bases is because Iraqi forces are almost able to contain the threat posed by ISIS remnants in their country.

The US-led coalition has supported the Iraqi army since 2014 in fighting the organization.

Since the defeat of the extremist group in Iraq in 2017, tension between the United States and Iran has placed the coalition increasingly in the crossfire of Iranian-backed Shiite groups.

The coalition suspended training in January when missile attacks by these groups increased and the United States killed Iran's military commander Qasim Soleimani and a prominent Iraqi commander, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis in a strike with drones in Baghdad.