2019-10-08 10:59:35

Shafaq News/ The Ministry of Displacement and Migration has granted Iraqi nationality for dozens of Faili Kurds.

The Director General of the Legal Department at the Ministry of Displacement and Migration, Mohammed Saleh Al-Hamdani, said that the ministry called for speeding up voting on amending the draft law on the   documents with pseudonyms to renew the period of processing this issue, because of the large numbers of migrants who need to verify the belongings of those documents to show their migration.

He added that the demands continue to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to support the competencies by reconsidering the subject of the cessation of assistance and give privileges for their return.

Saleh explained that the ministry provided facilities to the displaced people of Sinjar, excluding them from the approval of the administrative district  when they returned to their areas and overcome the difficulties in the process of registering their names to include them with simplified procedures , noting that the ministry through its representative in the Directorate of Nationality Affairs assisted Iraqi migrants after their return from abroad by granting 39 Iraqis as well as granting 41 Iraqi Faili Kurds with the Iraqi citizenship.

Authorities in the regime of Saddam Hussein stripped Faili Kurds of Iraqi nationality and worked to deport them to Iran under the pretext of dependency, before genocide was carried out against them.