2019-10-13 10:37:03

Shafaq News/ A senior Iraqi official in Baghdad confirmed that the investigations could topple some leaders and senior officers, after the disclosure of testimonies talking about phone calls and telegrams during the demonstrations spree revealing that security forces were ordered to "act" to break up the demonstrations.

Al-Arabi al-Jadeed quoted the official as saying that there was further information about allowing security units to use ammunition without questioning them or holding them accountable by security leaders who signed the ammunition processing report.

It pointed out that the federal police, the riot police and the SWAT forces were the most repressive of the demonstrators, while details indicate that the snipers belong to an armed militia close to Iran and operates within the Popular Mobilization Authority, and targeted those who spotted in the demonstrations as a leader or anyone directing the movement of demonstrators and their masses.

The religious authority in Najaf, Ali al-Sistani has given Abdul Mahdi's government a maximum of two weeks to uncover those involved in the killings and repression of demonstrators demanding their legitimate rights.

Friday's speech is considered the strongest in Najaf since 2014, which was seen as a sign of the rug being pulled from under former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, after issuing a jihad fatwa against the Islamic State, while political parties saw that al-Sistani upset the balance of the government of Abdul Mahdi clearly after standing frankly with the protesters, which is a warning to withdraw confidence from the current government.