2019-10-24 14:51:30

Shafaq News/ Muqtada al-Sadr, the leader of the Sadrist movement issued  on Thursday a series of instructions to the demonstrators, who plan to stage protests on Friday.

The close figure to the movement leader, Saleh al-Iraqi wrote in a Facebook post:


  1. As the protester would give you (security forces)a flower, give them a flower.
  2. Those who did not decide to participate in the demonstrations should support by even a word or moral support such as stopping all work for Friday only.
  3. The imams of Friday prayers should address the demonstrations tomorrow in a positive and indicative manner.
  4. The demonstrators may need logistical support such as food, drink, medicine, ect. So call on the owners of honest capital to support them as much as possible.
  5. I call on the elders of the tribes to protect their sons (demonstrators) as much as possible or even morally.
  6. In case of attacking the demonstrators, the jihadist MP should involve al-Salam (Peace) brigade to spread peace in acceptable ways to protect the demonstrators without weapons.
  7. Prayers in mosques, Husseiniyas, places of worship and churches must be to preserve Iraq, the safety of rebels and the exclusion of corrupters.
  8. Medical bodies such as hospitals and other necessary facilities shall not suspend their work during the demonstrations.
  9. In the case of blocking roads from either party, both parties should deal with the matter with caution and anticipation.
  10. If the government stops the Internet unjustly, those outside Iraq should support their brothers as much as possible.
  11. Raise the Iraqi flag on the roofs of houses, shops, buildings, mosques, etc.
  12. In case of attacking the demonstrators, (President of the Republic) shall carry out the necessary legal, social and moral contexts.