2020-03-26 12:05:48

ShafaqNews / The World Health Organization (WHO) member , Adnan Nawar issued on Thursday, a warning about Iraqis returning from extraordinary trips from Egypt and India, during the past two days.

Nawar told Shafaq News that "many people infected with Corona virus do not show symptoms of the disease, and some of them may get infected and recover without any symptoms or feeling it , but he remains a carrier of the disease."

He explained that "a lot of Iraqis abroad entered the country’s lands, but did not show any symptoms, especially days before they entered Iraqis from Egypt and India, so these people must quarantine themselves in homes and do not go out until after completing the incubation period of the virus, as citizens who are relatives of these travelers should not visit them in the current period, they may be carriers of Corona virus, it is necessary that they do not mingle with other citizens. "