23 million dollars allocated for those affected by "Corona" in Kurdistan

Category: Kurdistan

Date: 2020-05-13T15:09:17+0000

Shafaq News / A consultant in the Ministry of Trade of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) revealed on Wednesday, the allocation of 23 million dollars to those affected in the region from the crisis of the outbreak of Corona epidemic.

“ $ 23 million has been raised for those affected by Corona crisis," noting that KRG has created two bodies, the first to collect donations, and the other to buy food baskets distributed to about 200,000 vulnerable families with low incomes,” Fathi Mulla Ali told Shafaq News Agency.

He explained that the amount will be distributed in two ways, the first "ten million five hundred thousand dollars for the purchase of foodstuffs," noting that the second will allocate13 million dollars for the purchase of medical and food items."

The Department of Information of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced  mid-April, the allocation of more than 20 million dollars to buy food and medicine.

The Iraqi Ministry of Planning revealed on, Monday, the inclusion of two million and 400 thousand families with the government grant launched by the federal government earlier, part of it for Kurdistan Region.