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A clash between Peshmerga and an Iraqi force near Garmyan

Category: Kurdistan

Date: 2020-07-06T16:32:10+0000
A clash between Peshmerga and an Iraqi force near Garmyan

Shafaq news/ A commander from Peshmerga forces revealed, on Monday, the details of armed clashes with an Iraqi army force near Garmyan administration.

The Commander of the axis of Qara Tabbah- Hamreen of Peshmerga forces, major General Mardan Chawshin, told Shafaq News Agency, "The Iraqi government demands re-establishing its control over the areas Iraq controlled pre-2003", adding that, "due to conflicts and mistrust between the Peshmerga and the Iraqi forces, frictions occur in those areas despite the previous talks between the two parties".

Chawshin clarified that, "a civilian was kidnapped yesterday evening, in the area between Khalil and the old train station near Kafri district, in Garmyan, between Al-Sulaymaniyah, Diyala and Kirkuk governorates", indicating that, "the Iraqi forces consequently moved forward and rolled into the area where the Peshmerga forces are located".

"The Iraqi force retreated, after a fire exchange with the troops stationed in the area", as he explained that this friction is not the first or will not be the last since, "this Iraqi military force insists on approaching the Peshmerga points under the pretext of ISIS presence in the area", which he vehemently denied, "unlike the regions under the control of Al-Hashd al-Shaabi, Federal police and Iraqi army, where Kurds are kidnapped, killed or having their crops destroyed".