2020-02-23 10:34:30

Shafaq News / The Minister of Education of Kurdistan Region said on Sunday that there is no suspension of schools in the region because of fears of transmission of Corona virus, which hit the neighboring Iran.

Alan Hama Saeed said in a statement, "We discussed yesterday, during an urgent meeting of the regional government, the necessary measures to prevent corona virus ."

He added, "Any decision to suspend school in the region does not exist at the present time, and the situation will be closely monitored during the coming days to decide on it."

The Iranian authorities decided to close all universities and colleges in a number of provinces of the country in conjunction with the high number of victims of "Corona" virus in Iran, where the number of deaths reached 6 people, while about 30 cases were recorded,.

Wuhan city in China, was the first epicenter in which Coruna virus spread, before the infection spread to other regions of China, and then the virus spread to dozens of other countries, claiming more lives every day.

Although the Chinese authorities imposed a quarantine measure on the background of the spread of the new Corona, Wuhan turned into a ghost town with its empty streets, as this did not limit the high number of casualties and deaths.

While the Chinese authorities announced on Sunday, in the latest statistics, the death toll from the new "Corona" virus emerging inside the country by the end of Saturday, to 2442 people and confirmed infections to 76936.