2019-09-02 12:28:37

Shafaq News/ The Kurdish parties in Halabja reached on Monday an agreement with the head of the local government in province , Azad Tawfiq to form a provincial council.

"The political parties have agreed to form the provincial council and will send the names of their representatives and candidates to fill the seats within the council," Tawfiq said at a press conference held after a meeting with the parties.

He added that the province will start receiving the names of those parties until next Thursday, 5/9/2019 to be submitted to the Ministry of Interior and the Council of Ministers to complete the fundamentalist procedures by ratifying them.

Tawfiq described the meeting as successful and fruitful, stressing that it is necessary to form the council and then to distribute other administrative positions in Halabja successively.

The spokesman of the leadership of Sulaymaniyah - Halabja from Kurdistan Democratic Party, Atta Sheikh Hassan had announced on Friday reaching an agreement with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Change Movement to share local positions in Halabja province.

Sheikh Hassan said in a press statement that "the Democratic Party believes that it is necessary to expand the borders of Halabja province to more than three districts."

He added that "the party called for the presidency of the provincial council to give the chairmanship of the local government to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and governor for Change Movement."

Sheikh Hassan said that PUK demanded a deadline until next Monday as it is scheduled to hold a meeting on the same day involving Kurdistan Democratic Party, noting that the meeting will be crucial and will include the distribution of positions.