2020-04-19 09:23:48

Shafaq News / The owners of buses in Sulaimaniyah city have organized a demonstration on Sunday morning,.

Shafaq News reporter in Sulaymaniyah said that the drivers of the internal lines of the bus owners, called during the demonstration for the resumption of their work after the implementation of the second stage to restore life to its normal in Sulaymaniyah, following special measures taken due to the outbreak of Corona virus.

Sulaymaniyah started applying what it called the second stage of the process of returning life to normal after imposing the curfew in the region since mid of last March

This stage includes allow opening commercial stores in neighborhoods and alleys, including clothing stores.

A member of the Supreme Committee to combat Corona Virus in Sulaimaniyah Province, Salar Sarrawi said in a statement to Shafaq News that after the implementation of the first stage, the second stage will be launched to open commercial places in the streets of Al-Awarzdi, Kawab and Birmard.

He added, " we will evaluate the situation and if the second stage succeeds, and few cases are recorded, we will implement the third stage and life will return to normal in Sulaymaniyah."

Currently, 16 people infected with Coronavirus are in hospital, while four died, while 110 have recovered completely.