2020-02-13 09:09:27

Shafaq News / The District Council of Soran District, which is affiliated to Erbil Governorate in Kurdistan Region, announced on Thursday that a number of roads were out of service due to rain, while announcing that schools were suspended, stressing that employees who face difficulty in reaching their departments will be considered on a leave .

The District mayor, Karmang Ezzat said in a statement that the roads of Erbil - Soran, and Soran - Haji Imran, Sidkan, Mercosur and Khalifan - Rania, had been closed due to heavy snowfall.

Izzat urged drivers not to stop their vehicles on these roads so that municipal councils can clean them, calling on companies in the private sector to help these teams, and provide them with mechanisms to accelerate the process of removing snow from the roads.

The mayor has also decided to suspend official school hours inside the district, saying, "Employees who have difficulty in reaching their workplace from inside and outside the districts will not be registered as absent."