2019-11-06 13:58:25

Shafaq News/ The Council of Ministers of Kurdistan Regional Government voted on Wednesday, on changing the contracts of teachers with temporary contracts of the Ministry of Education to permanent contracts.

A statement by the Council of Ministers of Kurdistan said that voted after a serious discussion on the issue of teachers to change their contracts in the region after long years spent in the field of teaching contracts, adding that it was voted to change the teacher’s contracts to permanent to serve the education sector.

The meeting stressed the need not to "prejudice the constitutional rights of the Kurds in Iraq with emphasis on the unified position of the Kurds on issues related to the Kurds."

The meeting also discussed the rights, privileges and salaries of the families of Anfal families , martyrs families and political prisoners in the region, after the Minister of Martyrs and Anfal presented a special report on this matter.

He stressed "the need to continue to provide services and support to the families of martyrs, Anfal and political prisoners and not to marginalize their rights, and continue to negotiate and discuss with the federal government on the rights of the Kurds."