2019-07-18 10:44:16

Shafaq News / Moteen Delovan Barzani announced on Thursday his survival from yesterday's armed attack in a restaurant in central Erbil.

"When the attack occurred on Wednesday at the restaurant in Erbil, I and a number of friends were there for lunch, like dozens of citizens," Barzani said in a statement.

"We thank God that we all survived and were not injured, but unfortunately others were injured and victims of that attack were killed," he said.

Barzani pointed out that "some irresponsible media channels used my presence inside the restaurant for other purposes and published unfounded news."

He announced that he would appeal to the judiciary on this case and file legal proceedings against those channels.

It should be noted that the Deputy consul-general of Turkey in Erbil, along with two citizens from Kurdistan region, was killed by an armed attack on Wednesday afternoon inside a restaurant in the center of Erbil.