2020-02-01 13:07:57

Shafaq News / The President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani recalled the victims of 1st of February 2004, who were victims of two suicide bombings in the headquarters of Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

Barzani tweeted " February 1 martyrs are alive in the conscience of the Kurdish people, we salute the dignity of their families."

Barzani added, "Mercy to the souls of the pure martyrs, whom we proudly and proudly commemorate their memory."

Kurdistan commemorated the 16th anniversary of the February 1 incident, which occurred on the first day of Eid al-Adha, when "terrorists" targeted by suicide bombings Kurdistan Democratic Party, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Erbil

Today, the ceremony to revive the accident took place in the presence of the Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government Masrour Barzani, and a large number of government and party officials in Sami Abdul Rahman Park in the city of Erbil.

At the time, more than 100 officials and civilians were killed and about 250 others were injured.