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5000 dinars reveal the secrets of begging profession

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Date: 2014-03-10T12:16:49+0000
5000 dinars reveal the secrets of begging profession

, which has been exploited by a group of beggars as a place to gain profits , as one told “Shafaq News”.

When we got near, she began calling us to give her some money and she became closer, she saw five thousand Iraqi dinars and before she starts with a stream of Doaa , I told her , I'm a journalist and I have a few questions , will you answer them for five thousand dinars .

She said, “Yes ... But without a camera.”

She added “ask quickly, because the delay cost me money “.

Because of lack of time, I did not ask her for her name , but she looked in mid- forties , I said, what if I gave this money for one of her three female friends , she replied with a smile , " the money will reach the same hand , there is no difference between us , we work together .”

She denied the existence of any people with influence standing behind them or protect them by saying " this is our profession , and God protect us not others ."

On the size of their daily income, she said " It is not less than 50 000 dinars a day , and sometimes reaches 75 000 dinars per day and we share it together."


Regarding the existence of charges against them that they inject young children with them by morphine to make them sleep all day long to make travelers sympathetic, she said " From where do you bring such talk , we tell the children to lay and sleep as much as they want and tell them that we will give them rewards and sweets at the end of the work only ."

About getting harassed by some of the passengers, she said “we are exposed to daily harassment , especially when the passenger is alone or with two or three young men in the car”.

"This is not our profession , we beg and do not deal with other issues ."

She noted that " perhaps there are some women who work as beggars and in prostitution , but there is no one like this among us in this place ."

As I left, I took some pictures, contrary to our agreement so she turned her face away from us and told her colleagues , warning them that there is a camera .