2020-04-23 18:28:23



Shafaq news/ The Shorja market in the heart of Baghdad, witnessed crowds of pedestrians and shoppers preparing for Ramadan.

The world health organization (WHO )expressed its concern about the behavior of citizens during the partial lifting of the curfew, while advised to adhere to the health instructions ,avoid gatherings and maintain the social distancing that enables health workers to control the epidemic . warned,"violating these measures may lead to the reactivation of the complete curfew." 


On Sunday April 19th, the Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety in Iraq decided to lift the curfew in Ramadan from 6 a.m. Until 7 p.m. and imposed a penalty of 50.000 dinars for those who are not committed to wearing medical masks, while the Iraqi Ministry of Health warned of a rapid increase in the number of Corona virus infections, as a result of breaking the curfew, due to the overcrowding of public roads and the opening of many shops and markets.