2014-03-14 14:33:04

Salahuddin in addition to Nineveh and Anbar is a part of a previous Sunni Triangle, its vast fertile land for the activity of armed groups who are trying to impose their control and announce the Islamic state in any spot find their clear grip.
Since days and Tikrit , the regional capital of Salahuddin ( 175 km north of Baghdad ) did not calm from Bombs and assassinations against officers , security personnel , officials , clerics and even local residents and areas affiliated administratively.
Entire towns had fallen under control of insurgents in , " Sulaiman Bek " (east ) or almost fall as " al-Seniya " ( north ) to catch up with Fallujah in Anbar province .
Tikrit is a part of a series of events spread to Beiji and Shirqat to the north and then east to Tuz Khurmato and the outskirts of Samarra as well as Balad to the south all suffering terribly .

Observers say that the militant groups , particularly the Islamic state has more power in Tikrit than other cities where work has stopped for a period in government institutions entirely, which threatens from the extension   of crisis from Anbar to Salahuddin which is possible in all circumstances.
Armed opponents of the government , including fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant group took control in early January on two cities in Anbar province in western Iraq, which constitutes from a Sunni majority.
Iraqi forces were able since that time to regain control of most of Ramadi city, but Fallujah is still under control of militants.
But the authorities are trying hard in Salahuddin to mitigate the impact of events, despite announcing the intention of armed groups in advance to declare the Islamic emirate in Tikrit so is it the time to announce an Emirate?
Ahmed Rashid , the observer for the armed groups affairs said that " despite all strikes in Tikrit, but I do not expect to declare an Islamic emirate at this time ."
Rashid noted to " Shafaq News " that " the nature of the tribes may stand in front of plans in Tikrit, but insurgents are trying to open more than one front , but not the announcement of Islamic state .
According to Rashid’s opinion “easing the pressure on the most important cities of Anbar is considered the biggest concern of the armed groups and through distracting the army in more than one party.”
But at the same time, “he finds that the declaration of the Islamic State needs to dissolve the institutions and raise the black flags , but that so far difficult to happen in Tikrit ."
On the government side, they are trying to ease the events as much as possible .
After contacts conducted by “Shafaq News " with a number of them “ some refused to talk and some didn’t answer n what would happen in Tikrit while others disappeared from sight for a while already .
But Khaled al-Darraji, a member of Salahuddin provincial council preferred to find solutions on the status of Tikrit and Salahuddin cities.
Daraji told “Shafaq News " , " We do not want  to be pessimistic and spread concern ."
He added that " the solution to the security situation is the government making people feel good through employment opportunities and the provision of services."
"The security collapse is a political collapse when politics is reformed then security will be stable “.