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Heated race to buy voters' cards in Kirkuk ... price varies from 100 thousand dinars to $ 500

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Date: 2014-02-25T13:12:40+0000
Heated race to buy voters' cards in Kirkuk ... price varies from 100 thousand dinars to $ 500

which is a sign that some political parties are exploiting people in the popular areas and their poor condition to buy those cards .

Informed sources told “Shafaq News " that “ this occurred recently at Kirkuk in the recent period and began to concern the concerned and political parties alike , it seems that the reluctance of people from participating in the elections , the financial need and poverty was the reason for it.

The sources stressed that buying the voter's card is a new file that knocks Kirkuk door, where the outstanding problems spotted many cases as parties are competing and raised the prices of one card form 100 000 dinars to $ 500.

The head of IHEC of the transition period , Izz al-Din Mohammadi said in an interview with " Shafaq News " that “IHEC observed that some parties are exploiting citizens through the purchase of electronic voter card at a great price reached in some areas to $ 500“.

Mohammadi noted that most of the targeted areas in buying electronic card is popular areas , in which its inhabitants don’t want to participate in the elections , warning of this phenomenon which began to reflect negatively on the electoral reality .

Mohammadi considered this to issue as" buying the will," warning citizens from dealing with those people and keep their cards.

The parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place on 30 of next April which is the first for the citizen to use the electronic voter's card to give more transparency to the process , according to IHEC .

The card in which voters can’t cast their ballots without it contains information about the name of the voter and the electoral center.

It is not known exactly how these parties will be able to buy these cards to exploit and vote in its favor.

An informed source told “Shafaq News " on condition of anonymity , that he was able to buy two cards at a price of 200 000 dinars , pointing out that he was surprised that the prices reached $ 500 per card “.

The official of the Supreme Islamic Office Council in Kirkuk , Najat Hussein warned in an interview with " Shafaq News " , from” this issue and accused influential parties of being behind this process .

Hussein pointed to the lack of the possibility to fraud automatically, but it will be in person , indicating that if you buy this card it should match with another document .

He explained that such a fraud would be in agreement with the directors of the polling stations, calling to get the help of international observers to be present at each polling site to prevent such cases .

Kirkuk province is of the disputed areas between the federal government and Kurdistan Region, it is home to a mix of Kurds, Turkmen and Arabs, from different religions doctrines and as well as Christians.

It is scheduled for the Iraqi parliamentary elections to take place in 13 of next April in all provinces of Iraq in conjunction with the provincial councils and districts elections of Kurdistan region.