2014-03-31 09:25:20
adding that the fall of the regime in Syria, means the beginning of the occlusion on Iran and drag it into open war.

Rashid said that the formation of the " national defense forces " in Syria came on the recommendation of the commander of the Qods Force , Major General , Qassem Soleimani and under the supervision of its units located on Syrian territory to provide advice to Assad’s regime.

The " national defense forces " contribute in the field victories and securing sensitive sites which is very similar to a large volunteer force " Basij " of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards , and take advantage of its experience during the war with Iraq .

The Iranian official said in a speech in, " Dezful " city southwest of Iran , speaking on the anniversary of the restoration of the city from Iraqi forces in such days of the mines in 1982 after Iraqi forces had entered it at the beginning of the war of September 1980 , " the National Defense Forces had been formed in Syria , which are forces similar to Basij by the recommendation of Quds Force . "

It is worth mentioning that Quds Force is the arm of Foreign Affairs of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as Iran has deployed units from it on Thursday for the first time , along the border with Pakistan to carry out operations targeting the movement of “al-Adel” Balochi Sunni Army near the base and trace them inside Pakistan if necessary.

The commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps , Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari resides in the border areas with Pakistan and was joined by Amir Ahem Darza Bordstan , the commander of the ground forces of the army after threats launched by , Secretary General of the Supreme Council for National Security , Admiral Ali Shamkhani on Thursday who confirmed that terrorist groups will be crushed. "

The Iranian official , Gholam Ali Rashid confirmed the presence of elements of al-Quds forces on Syrian territory , but said that their duties are limited on giving " advise " to Assad regime .

Rashid said , " We do not have fighters in Syria , but some military commanders provide advice out there and the formation of the National Defense Force was of the proposals of al- Quds Force ."

Gholam Ali Rashid expressed his country's concern of the fall of the regime of Syrian President if Iran gives support to it , saying that if that happens then Lebanese Hezbollah turn will come and the government of Nuri al-Maliki 's ally to Iran which will make Iran in front of difficult choices in the confrontation .

The deputy of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces said , " There is no doubt that after the fall of Bashar al-Assad , there will be a focus on Lebanon and Hezbollah , then they will come to Iraq, where the Shiite - government rules."

The Iranian official added that the Syrian regime has some weaknesses despite that the government belonged to the Baath Party , but the crime of the Syrian government is in helping the resistance .

The Iranian official said that 50 thousand employees of the Syrian army have split from the regime and did not return within the army , but opponents of the Assad regime assert that this number exceeds 50 thousand of the army recruits .