2014-02-02 07:33:40

and free it from the grip of the fighters of Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant .

On Saturday , one civilian was killed and ten others were wounded in the bombing that was the second to hit the Iraqi capital Baghdad shortly after a bombing in Sadr City , which killed two civilians and wounded ten others.

Iraqi official figures published on Friday that more than a thousand people have been killed in Iraq last January.

It seems that current February, does not show any indication of the low rate of violence , which has escalated in an unprecedented manner since 2008 .

The incidents of violence are now being recorded on a daily basis , while al-Qaeda militants have regained their strength by the Syrian war , especially in Anbar province.

There were wide acts of violence in Tuz Khurmato in Salahuddin province , Mosul city, Diyala and other areas of the country .

Senior Security officials said that soldiers and Iraqi security forces are preparing to storm Fallujah city to end the control of the armed militants since nearly a month .

The armed opponents of the government , including fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq the Levantgroup linked to al Qaeda took control at the beginning of January on the two cities in Anbar province in western Iraq, which constitutes a majority of Sunni population.

The Iraqi forces have since regained control of most of Ramadi city and Fallujah, but still in the hands of militants and encircled by the army, which bombed it for several times .

The Iraqi Prime Minister , Nuri al-Maliki who is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces postponed an attack on the city to give tribal leaders in Fallujah more time to expel militants from the city on their own.

Reuters quoted security officials by saying that the decision was made now to enter the city by six p.m. on Sunday”.

The senior security official said on condition of anonymity , referring to the tribesmen and militants , " They have been given enough time to decide for themselves , but they failed ."

The official said the governor of Anbar has called the militants and tribal fighters in Fallujah . He added that those who wish to leave the city will be safe and laid down their arms will be given amnesty.

The security official said that , " The message is clear .. We have offered them to leave the city and to be a party in the national reconciliation project . But if they insist on fighting our troops, they will be treated as one of the militants of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant , whether a member or not . "

Residents and local officials in Fallujah said that the communications were cut in the city and its outskirts . He said that the soldiers are stationed in the region surrounding the city and told Reuters that they had received orders to prepare for an attack on the city.

The commander of the unit on the highway outside the city said that " we are ready to enter at any moment . Some of our troops in the south and southeast of Fallujah have already moved closer to the city ."

Officials said that air strikes and shelling will be intensified before a land attack which will clear any resistance.

An officer in the special operations units in Fallujah said on condition of anonymity , "We expect a fierce battle in the southern areas of the city where militants are holed up ."

On the ground , security sources said that shelling and clashes took place in the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi, in addition to al-Karma area that claimed the lives of a number of people and injured many.

A security official told “Shafaq News " The bombardment of aircraft and tanks targeted Albu Hatim area ( west of Fallujah ) , killing at least five people . "

"The shelling caused damage to Abu Ayyub al-Ansari mosque in Golan neighborhood ( West) " , pointing out that the long- bombing affected commercial market in Fallujah and wounded three civilians . "

He pointed out that " the martyrs' cemetery was bombed , too."

In Karma , a source told “Shafaq News " that " army troops clashed with gunmen while trying to enter the city from three axes is an area of ​​warehouses and a cement factory and the arm of the Tigris ."

The source said that " casualties took place from both sides, but could not find out the number ."

In Ramadi, violent clashes took place in different parts of the south of the city and its outskirts, where Iraqi authorities say that it has become a stronghold for " Daash ."

It was not possible to obtain additional information about the events of Ramadi.