2020-04-22 18:50:00

Ali Hussain faily

According to one of the scholars, “ when wars are ended with justice, only then it can be called peace “ In the history of nations there are many examples of people losing their peace due to the lack of justice, so they rose up against injustice . As peace is a must , The Kurds always welcomed any step towards it . Though in Iraq , All slogans and endeavors couldn’t bring true happiness and peace to them .


After four decades, Failys are still waiting for their rights to be restored . After they’ve spent their lives suffering an obvious injustice more than any Iraqi component. Even more than any kurdish clan . Living in the shadow of the threat of being killed and erased. Living in the shadow of the illegitimate war that’s waged by the political authority and the social denial, without committing any crime . After all that suffering, they need peace, security and justice more than everyone else.


When the current generation of faily kurds look at any criminal or destructive practices their parents and grandparents had to endure, they consider themselves as victims of the same situation. Thinking that they will endure the same loss of pleasure and live in sorrow and eternal waiting as their ascendants had .


Other countries and nations were exposed to conditions of war and displacement and were attacked by foreigners and local rulers , but the day the criminals were punished, their suffering ended and they started a new life without war . And when the Iraqis come to understand that life without injustice has less damage than the difficult conditions they are living in now , then the problems of this country will end .


On the fortieth anniversary of the genocide to which the Faily kurds were subjected, I do not want to talk about justice or its lack in the form of dealing with this file, in which the criminal supporters’ excuses are considered a scandal form and make a new crime. The practiced injustice is clear , and the decisions that are taken against the Faily Kurds have no humanitarian, legal, religious or moral excuses! Although those who keep silent and coexist with that mass murder without shame are not little!


Forty years of silence toward the tragedy of a people within a national component in Iraq carries within it many questions! The murders and the absence of thousands of innocent young people and civilians do not heal with taking of decisions and statements only.



This silence has a lot of meanings! It is possible that the current authority considers these disasters to be old and normal, It is possible that the Baath’s policies and its crimes against the Kurds and the rest of the citizens are desirable to them, and recalling them is harmful to current interests and political life.


It is important to know that forgetting is not an end to injustice and disasters; the memory of the Genocide of the Faily Kurds and dozens of similar disasters is an opportunity to prevent repeating them .