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After Qom ... Iranian Health Ministry warns of a new city turning into a epicenter for Corona

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Date: 2020-03-23T11:13:58+0000
After Qom ... Iranian Health Ministry warns of a new city turning into a epicenter for Corona

Shafaq News / The Iranian Ministry of Health warned on Monday, that the Yazd governorate in central Iran will become one of the centers of the spread of Corona Virus in the country, after the increasing rates of deaths and infections in this province.

The Iranian official agency, "IRNA"quoted a spokesman for the Ministry of Health on Monday, "Kyanosh Jahanpur", that " Yazd governorate is about to become one of the centers of the spread of Corona virus in the country during the next few days”.

Jahanpur stated that "Yazd governorate has been exposed in recent days to increased rates of infection with Corona virus, which is a large percentage that does not match the population of the provinces and new cases recorded daily."

The daily official statistics published by the Iranian Ministry of Health show that "Yazd Province is one of the first provinces in the country where the disease has spread."

In a related context, the spokesman on behalf of the Anti-Corona Virus Committee in Yazd governorate, Ibrahim Salmani declared that “the governorate lost 72 people due to infection with Corona virus, and that there are 2207 people infected with this epidemic.”

"Most of the people infected with this virus are from the center of Yazd province, and the rest are distributed in Mebed, Ardakan provinces, and others," Salmani said in an interview with the official Iranian agency.

"To prevent the further spread of this virus, the Iranians should refrain from Eid visits and Nowruz trips and take the Ministry of Health recommendations seriously and stay at home," he said.

On Sunday, Yazd Province, which has a population of about a million and a half people, recorded 84 infected persons with the emerging Corona virus, while Tehran occupied the first place with 249 infected cases, and the infection rates in Qom decreased to 17.

Qom Province (a stronghold of religious references and hawzas) recorded the first two cases in Iran on the 19th of last February, and became the epicenter of this virus in other Iranian provinces.

The Iranian Ministry of Health said on Sunday, that the number of people infected with Corona virus in the country reached 21638 , the dead reached 1685 and those who recovered reached 7913, noting that “40% of the citizens did not take our warnings of not leaving the homes and traveling outside the cities seriously.”

Numbers exceeded expectations

An Iranian official confirmed on Monday, that the increase in the number of new cases of corona virus in the country exceeded the expectations set by the authorities before.

"The citizens' continued travel outside their cities, especially the capital, Tehran, and their return again is a problem in revealing the numbers of the infections and separating them from the suspects," the official said.

The head of what is known as the “Anti-Corona Committee” in Iran, Ali Reza Zali, added in a press statement “Unfortunately, despite the warnings by the authorities to prevent the spread of Corona virus, many residents of Tehran went out on trips outside the city, which made the situation in the capital worse. ".

Zali said, "The citizens travel outside their cities then their return wave again has caused a problem in the process of separating the infected people from the suspects”.

The Iranian official emphasized that "the number of infections with Corona in the country rose more than the expectations that we set before, and accordingly we are facing the preparation of a new scenario," according to what the local "ISNA" agency quoted.