2020-02-08 08:44:26

Shafaq News / The UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced on Saturday, the diagnosis of two new cases of symptoms of the emerging "Corona" virus, which raises the total number of cases discovered in the country to seven cases.

According to the ministry’s statement, which was reported by the Emirati News Agency “WAM”, the two cases were monitored for two Chinese and one Filipino through continuous periodic examination according to the standards of the World Health Organization.

The Ministry confirmed that the health status of the new infected person is under observation and necessary medical care, in accordance with the highest health standards in force in the country.

The Ministry stressed the effectiveness of the electronic notification system and the continuation of health facilities in reporting any new cases of suspicion that appear, according to the manual of monitoring and control procedures that have been activated in all health facilities in the country, to monitor any exhibitor for any medical intervention to deal with the disease.

The UAE had announced earlier, the diagnosis of the first case of four Chinese family members, who arrived from the Chinese city of Wuhan, and a fifth case that was subsequently diagnosed, confirming that the infected people were receiving the necessary care and their condition is stable.

The UAE has suspended flights to China, except for the capital, Beijing, because of the virus.

UAE noted that those coming from the Chinese capital will be subjected to precautionary measures, which will last from 6 to 8 hours to ensure that they are free of the virus.

On December 31, the Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization of an outbreak of pneumonia caused by the "Coruna virus" in Wuhan, in the central part of the country, and since then the virus has spread to many countries.

To date, the death toll from the new "Corona" virus in China has risen to 722 today, while the number of infected people has increased to more than 34.5 thousand people and 2050 people have recovered from it.

The World Health Organization (WHO) had earlier classified a new epidemic in China, a pandemic, and declared a "health emergency with an international dimension."