2020-02-23 10:49:53

Shafaq News / The Chinese news agency "Xinhua" reported that the daily number of new recoveries from the new Corona virus exceeded that of new confirmed infections on Saturday, for the fifth consecutive day, according to the National Health Committee said on Sunday.

The Chinese National Health Committee said that on Saturday, 2303 people were discharged from hospitals upon recovery, which is a significant difference from the number of confirmed new infections on the same day, which reached 648 cases, according to figures released by the committee.

A total of 22,888 patients infected with new Corona virus were discharged from hospitals after recovery, as of the end of Saturday, the Committee said.

It is noteworthy that Saturday is the fourth day in a row that the number of new daily infections in China remained less than a thousand cases.

The number of new recoveries from new Corona virus in both Hubei Province and its capital, Wuhan, exceeded the number of new infections on Saturday, according to the figures.