Faili Ilam announces 100 people recovered from Corona

Category: World

Date: 2020-03-24T12:27:23+0000

Shafaq News / Faili Ilam Governor , Qasim Soleimani Dashtaki revealed, on Tuesday, the latest developments in the province regarding Corona virus.

Dashtaki said, "Out of a total of 845 suspects in Ilam, the results of the tests showed that 790 had a negative result”.

He added, "650 special beds have been allocated for patients with the virus, and there are currently 59 people in hospital, 74 people are in the home quarantine.

With regard to the positive infection  in Ilam, Dashtaki said, "We have recorded 214 infections so far, 100 of them have recovered and only 13 have died, 11 of them suffering from chronic diseases.