2020-04-20 08:03:12

Shafaq News / The National Health Commission of China announced on Monday, that 12 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus were recorded, which is four times less than the day before and confirmed that there are no deaths.

The Commission said that there were 8 cases of people who came from abroad, and there were 4 local infections, including three in the northeastern Heilongjiang border province, and one in Inner Mongolia, said the commission in its daily statement.

Last Saturday, the Chinese authorities downgraded their level of epidemiological risk in Wuhan, the stronghold of the "Covid-19" Coronavirus, to a "low" level, and said that no towns or regions with a high or average level of danger were left in Hubei Province (Wuhan).

There are currently 82,747 cases on mainland China and 4,632 deaths, by the end of April 19.