Global coronavirus cases exceed 1.85 Million

Category: World

Date: 2020-04-13T11:13:46+0000

Shafaq News / Confirmed cases of COVID-19 have exceeded 1.85 million globally, with the death toll surpassing 114,000, according to Johns Hopkins University (JHU).

According to the latest university data, the United States was the number one casualty hit, with 55,751.

It was followed by Spain in second place 166831, Italy 156363, France 133670, Germany 127854, Britain 85208, China 83135, and Iran 71686.

The university also recorded corona mortality rates in the world, the highest in the United States at 22,105, followed by Italy 19899, ​​Spain 17209, France 14393, and Britain 10612.

While the total number of people recovering from the virus in the world reached 430,623, the majority of them in China 77,956, followed by Spain 62,391, and Germany 60,300.