2020-02-04 07:36:45

Shafaq News/ Hong Kong has announced its first death from Coronavirus, which is the second of its kind due to the virus outside China, the epidemic's home, bringing the death toll from the disease to 427 people worldwide.

The person who died as a result of the disease was 39 years old and had been subjected to quarantine and treatment by the Hong Kong authorities.

It is reported that Hong Kong has recorded 15 cases of Voronavirus since it began spreading outside China, including one that was transmitted locally.

The Chinese government has announced that 64 new deaths were recorded as a result of Vorona virus infection in the central province of Hubei, bringing the total number to 425 deaths until the end of the third day of February.

2345 new cases of HIV were detected in Hubei, the epicenter of the outbreak, bringing the total number of infected people in the region to 13522 cases, bringing the number of people infected in China to 19,967 infected throughout the country, while the number of infections in the world is about 20155 people.