2020-05-19 08:15:14

Shafaq News / The "Washington Post" newspaper revealed, according to sources, that Israel was behind in a cyber attack on the port of the "Martyr Rajai" in the Iranian city of Bandar Abbas on May 9.

The American newspaper stated that the work of the Iranian strategic port in the Strait of Hormuz was suddenly interrupted on that day as the computers responsible for navigation in the region stopped working.

The next day, the Iranian authorities announced the incident, and that the port had been subjected to an electronic attack.

The "Washington Post" quoted a US official linked to the classified information, who asked for anonymity, as saying that the Israelis were behind the attack.

Newspaper sources in the intelligence services and institutions concerned with electronic security, said that it is likely that the targeting of the port came in response to an Iranian cyberattack on the computers responsible for the performance of water distribution systems in the countryside of Israel, on 24 of last April.

The American newspaper indicated that the port of "Al-Shahid Rajaei" was seriously damaged after the attack.