2020-03-18 11:34:25

Shafaq News / Corona's outbreak did not prevent the Iranians from going out to the alleyways and lanes to celebrate the "Red Wednesday" rituals, in preparation for the reception of "Nowruz" festival, which will begin next Friday. It continued until late at night.

Mojtaba Khaldi, the spokesman of the Iranian Emergency Medical Corporation, told Iranian television that the “Red Wednesday” or “Wednesday’s Fire” celebrations killed two Iranians in Tehran Province, and wounded 751 people with varying burns in their bodies, knowing that these numbers are not final, and he expects the numbers to rise over the coming hours.

Khalidi added that among the injured are 612 men and 139 women, pointing out that there are 39 cases of amputation and 220 cases of ophthalmology.

It is noteworthy that the celebration of this year did not witness much momentum compared to previous years due to the concerns of Corona.

The "Red Wednesday" event, which the Iranians celebrate on the evening of the last Tuesday of each year, returns to the ancient Persian myths during the reign of the Iranian king Jamshid about 600 BC, and the celebrants use fire, which symbolizes purity in the Zoroastrian religion, which the Population of the country had as a religion before Islam.

But decades ago, the Iranians added firecrackers, fireworks, and bonfires, which people usually jump on to a series of ritual ceremonies, intended mainly to purify and rid themselves of sins, according to ancient Iranian myths.