2019-10-16 09:19:22

Shafaq News/ The United States launched a cyberattack on Iran after the 14th of September attacks on Saudi Aramco facilities, official sources said.

 Reuters news agency quoted US officials as saying that the US cyber attack targeted Tehran's ability to spread "propaganda", pointing out that this attack is "a way to respond without causing civilian casualties."

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the operation took place in late September and targeted Tehran's ability to spread "targeted propaganda."

An official said that the secret US cyberattack "had an impact on Iranian devices" but gave no further details, according to Reuters in its report.

The covert attack highlights how the Trump administration is trying to counter what it sees as Iranian aggression, without turning into a wider conflict.

The strike appears to have been more limited than other operations against Iran this year, after a US drone was shot down in June, and an attack believed to be by Iran's Revolutionary Guards on oil tankers in the Gulf in May.